About us

BABI is a small Quebec business located in Montreal

BABI cares about the health and the protection of our beautiful planet.
The excitement for online shopping allows our online store to do its part for the environment. Hence, the entire BABI boutique packaging is compostable and biodegradable, as well as our thank you card that will blossom into a flower when planted.

In addition, the owner, Feiyan, was looking to create an inclusive business where everyone can feel at home and identify with her business.

Our products are affordable and suit all budgets, while using quality material such as bamboo.


 A word from the owner

Having difficulty accepting my silhouette, I wanted to highlight the beauty of bodies and their different shapes. As I am of Asian origin, it was just as important for me to promote cultural diversity as well as body diversity and to make BABI a unifying environment.